About six years ago a dear friend posted asking for prayers for a little guy from her church that had been diagnosed with brain cancer.  We all see those kinds of posts every day. Many, many of them. I don’t know why some of them really hit home and sort of settle in the corners of our hearts and minds and others don’t, but Eli did.

Like many others, I watched him fight a battle that no one, much less a child, should ever have to fight. Through the ease of social media, I watched this family deal with the laughter and the tears, the pain and the frustrations; all of the things that come with the horrific disease that had invaded their life. They did it with grace, love, generosity, and hope. Until the day that hope died and they knew that, in the end, this monster was going to win. But, they didn’t let it. Not easily. They continued the research and the treatments, and didn’t go down without a fight. In the process, they made life as normal as possible for their family while making memories that will, hopefully, bring comfort to them in the future.

One thing they did early on was decide that they were going to give back in some way. Once they carried hundreds of DVD’s to add to the library at St. Jude’s. They took donuts to the nurses that had given such wonderful and loving care to the children in their charge. Target House received laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. Toys and games for the children that were spending months in the hospital undergoing treatment. They set up a charitable foundation to raise money for cancer research. A well in Africa bears Eli’s name thanks to someone that wanted to make a difference in his honor. I could go on and on if I could remember all that they’ve done. Instead of letting this monster named cancer suck all of the good out of their lives, they used it to create good things in a nightmare world.

I tell you all of this because while they were just trying to get through the days, sometimes just the minutes, they were inspiring people all over the world by the way they lived their lives. The strength, courage, and faith they have shown is remarkable. Most people would have collapsed under the burdens they’ve had to endure. They have been a light in a dark world.

They will be the first to tell you that God has sustained them.  God has been their strength along every step they took in this horrific journey. THAT has been their message to the world. Rely on Him and He will get you through. Not their will, but HIS.

Last night, Eli’s earthly life ended peacefully and this world got a little bit darker.  But, his eternal life began and his little body is whole and healthy again. What a wonderful gift Christ gave us when he sacrificed himself on that cross so many years ago-salvation and eternal life. That is what will bring his parents comfort as they face the days ahead.

I added Eli and his family to my prayer list that night six years ago and have prayed for him so many times since then. Those prayers won’t end just because he’s gone. They’ve added so much to my life and I have never even met them that I count myself privileged to be able to pray for them.

Thankful Thursday

I use to do something called Thankful Thursday where I would come up with three things I was thankful for and post about them. I think it’s a great idea and I really miss doing that so I’m starting it up again.

It’s very easy for me to come up with my first thing today. Yesterday, my husband was involved in a somewhat freak car accident and came away without a scratch. There is no doubt in my mind he had an angel riding with him that protected him. He was riding along, minding his own business, when all of a sudden, a tire came bouncing across the median at a high rate of speed right toward him. A log truck going in the opposite direction had lost a tire and it was doing it’s best to run away. He had time to slow down a little and that was about it.  He hit the tire head on as it hit the ground in a bounce. Thankfully, it bounced to the side and rolled to a stop on the road and didn’t hit anyone else. He was able to pull over and get off of the road.  The truck was not drivable; the front end was crushed inward about two feet and a tire and a half width. The head light was hanging by a wire, the bumper was askew, and steam was hissing out of the radiator. If he had hit the tire in mid-bounce or it had hit a little higher on the truck, it would have gone right through the windshield. When he called me to come to the scene he told me he was fine but the truck was pretty banged up. When I got there and saw it, I went weak at the knees.  I am so thankful that God spared him and that he’s sitting here playing with his ham radio tonight. Somehow that static and intermittent loud squawk doesn’t bother me at all tonight.

My second thing to be thankful for are our wonderful friends that stepped up and came to our rescue today.  From the one that showed up at the scene and helped us transfer stuff from one vehicle to another and offered his second vehicle for us to use, to the one that’s making sure the truck gets repaired quickly and correctly. Mostly though, for my group of incredible online friends that started praying and checking in on us as soon as I told them, “KB has been in an accident. Please pray he really is okay.”  They are always there when I need them and although I’ve only been a part of that group of friends (and have never met half of them in real life) for about three years, I can’t imagine doing life without them.

And, finally, today I’m thankful that we have a reliable second vehicle we can use and that really, I don’t even need a car most days. We aren’t put into a terrible bind, at least immediately, for transportation. A lot of people couldn’t say that and I realize how incredibly blessed we are.

While I firmly believe we should be thankful at all times for the blessings in our lives, today is a good day to be a little extra thankful!

The Magic Oven

I visited my 90 year old grandmother earlier this week since I wasn’t able to be at her house on Mother’s Day when everyone else was there. As much as I enjoy seeing everyone on holidays like that, I really prefer going when no one else is there and I have her all to myself. It’s much more relaxed and she and I can just sit and visit. She doesn’t hear well anymore and when there are a lot of people there, all that noise makes it even harder for her toIMG_2733 hear.

I called on Sunday to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and make sure that the day I wanted to come would be a good day to visit. You never know with her…she stays busy and isn’t always home when we all think she should be. Plus, she has doctor’s appointments and such. Anyway, it was a good day for her and we made our plans. I told her I’d be there in the afternoon and would take her out for dinner before I left. She said that would be good and she was looking forward to it.

I arrived a little later than planned but not by much and we had a really nice visit; just sitting and chatting. After I’d been there a while, I went and got the bird feeder I’d brought for her deck and set about getting it filled and put up. I noticed her tomato plants needed watering so she and I went into the kitchen to get the watering jug so I could give them a good drink. Talk turned to what we were going to have for dinner.

I should back up here and say that, for the first time in a long time, my grandmother’ s kitchen was spotless when I arrived. Not that she doesn’t keep a clean kitchen, but usually when any of us come to visit, she has been in there cooking all day and there’s pots and pans in the sink to be washed and food on the stove, that sort of thing. Because she is going to feed us and you can’t feed people and keep your kitchen cleaned up all the time. That’s just the way it is. So, I was a little surprised, but pleasantly so because I thought, “Oh, good, she’s actually going to let me take her out for dinner.” I should have known better.

Back to the what we’re going to do for dinner conversation…She told me if I didn’t mind, she would like to just stay home and have something there. The hearing issue is even worse in restaurants-lots of background noise there- so I completely understand her reluctance to go out. Fine. I could go get something and bring it back. “Welllll,” she said, “I have some leftovers that need to be eaten if you wouldn’t mind having that.”  I was totally fine with that as anything my grandmother cooks is delicious and left overs have never bothered me.   So, I went outside to water the tomato plants.

This is when the magic happened. Five minutes later I walk back into the kitchen and there was a feast laid out on the island. Seriously. A feast. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried squash, green beans, carrots, and cornbread muffins.  She pulled a fast one on me and had it all hidden in the oven just waiting for me to agree to stay there and eat. Her oven is magic, I tell you. Magic. IMG_2748

Did I mention that my grandmother is 90 years old? She still loves to cook. LOVES it! It is her thing. She’s an excellent cook and is one of those people that can make a meal for ten out of seemingly nothing. Puttering in the kitchen is therapy and soothes her like knitting soothes me. We’ve tried for years to get her to let us bring food for various occasions and family gatherings but she won’t have any of it. Well, we can but she’s still going to cook and she’s so much better at it than any of us I don’t know why we bother. Cooking food and feeding people is her love language and she doesn’t know how not to do it.

Not only did she have a feast for us for dinner, she had made my favorite dessert; a chocolate meringue pie. IMG_2750She makes THE best chocolate pie and spoils me terribly by making one for me whenever I come to visit.  I usually eat too much of it but this time I used restraint and only had a small piece.  I know that my grandmother isn’t always going to be around to spoil me with her good food and even better hugs so I am soaking these times up and saving them in my heart to remember when I need a hug. As long as she wants to, and is able, I’m going to let her cook for me and not nag her about doing too much.  After all, she has that magic oven that produces some of the best food I’ve ever eaten and she might as well let it do its thing.

Classic Radio Still Rocks

Today, as I was driving down the road, the radio station I was listening to became a little staticky as I started getting out of its range.  I hit the seek button to find the next available station and continued doing that until I found something I liked. For the most part, I listen to Christian radio, but every once in a while I’ll tune into a country or classic rock station. One of the great things about living in the south again is the abundance of Christian, or gospel if you prefer, stations.  You can also find good, old country music on the radio…not that new, pop country. The real stuff with a twang and a steel guitar. It took me a few minutes but I finally found one of those kind of stations and it got me all the way home. I love me some Willie and Waylon, Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton…

As I kept hitting the seek button, I was a little surprised at how many stations I was able to pick up. In these times of satellite radio, I would expect there to be less stations still out there broadcasting. We had satellite radio for a while (it’s almost a necessity when living in the mountains) but after having some issues with it and their customer service, we let it lapse and haven’t missed it.

I’m glad to know that while technology has improved, and times have changed, some things haven’t really changed much. The music is just as good as it use to be and thankfully, still on the radio!

Getting Started

A little of this, a little of that. Whatever is on my mind at the moment…but hang on, it can change in the blink of an eye. Rabbit trails and goat feathers are common at my house. Recipes, craft projects, my favorite pictures, stories, just a hodgepodge of things. Nothing here will be technically or exactly grammatically correct.  Sometimes I just feel the need to put the words on paper and this is as good a place as any to do that. I’m not making any promises to me or anyone else but I think this could be fun.