Thankful Thursday

I use to do something called Thankful Thursday where I would come up with three things I was thankful for and post about them. I think it’s a great idea and I really miss doing that so I’m starting it up again.

It’s very easy for me to come up with my first thing today. Yesterday, my husband was involved in a somewhat freak car accident and came away without a scratch. There is no doubt in my mind he had an angel riding with him that protected him. He was riding along, minding his own business, when all of a sudden, a tire came bouncing across the median at a high rate of speed right toward him. A log truck going in the opposite direction had lost a tire and it was doing it’s best to run away. He had time to slow down a little and that was about it.  He hit the tire head on as it hit the ground in a bounce. Thankfully, it bounced to the side and rolled to a stop on the road and didn’t hit anyone else. He was able to pull over and get off of the road.  The truck was not drivable; the front end was crushed inward about two feet and a tire and a half width. The head light was hanging by a wire, the bumper was askew, and steam was hissing out of the radiator. If he had hit the tire in mid-bounce or it had hit a little higher on the truck, it would have gone right through the windshield. When he called me to come to the scene he told me he was fine but the truck was pretty banged up. When I got there and saw it, I went weak at the knees.  I am so thankful that God spared him and that he’s sitting here playing with his ham radio tonight. Somehow that static and intermittent loud squawk doesn’t bother me at all tonight.

My second thing to be thankful for are our wonderful friends that stepped up and came to our rescue today.  From the one that showed up at the scene and helped us transfer stuff from one vehicle to another and offered his second vehicle for us to use, to the one that’s making sure the truck gets repaired quickly and correctly. Mostly though, for my group of incredible online friends that started praying and checking in on us as soon as I told them, “KB has been in an accident. Please pray he really is okay.”  They are always there when I need them and although I’ve only been a part of that group of friends (and have never met half of them in real life) for about three years, I can’t imagine doing life without them.

And, finally, today I’m thankful that we have a reliable second vehicle we can use and that really, I don’t even need a car most days. We aren’t put into a terrible bind, at least immediately, for transportation. A lot of people couldn’t say that and I realize how incredibly blessed we are.

While I firmly believe we should be thankful at all times for the blessings in our lives, today is a good day to be a little extra thankful!


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